A clear message to all Israelis and Zionists across the world

Despite your wide-spread lobbies in US and some European countries and your influence on western policy makers, despite your years of effort to practice the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to dominate the world and establish the Jewish kingdom in the world and all other childish dreams of you, you can never defeat your biggest opposition, Islam. Islam is standing against you because you are responsible for the bloodshed in Palestine and those innocent people whom you killed or forced out of their homeland to establish Israel. Islam opposes you because you oppose justice in the world. Those who call themselves the 99% and rally against the 1% in occupy Wall street and occupy London movements are shouting and chanting against you Zionist Jews who have committed countless crimes to get economic and financial positions in the US and other countries to finance the Zionist Jewish community.

Why should American people who suffer joblessness and economic problems pay tax to the Zionist-ruled government of US which pays great amount of money to Israel each year? Why should American and NATO troops lose their lives in battles that serve merely your interests? (battles against your true opposition: Islam) How long should the people of the world pay for your fake dreams? By promoting Imperialism, capitalism, racism, homosexuality and corruption in the world, you not only fail in stopping pro-justice and pro-humanity movements but will meet you end sooner. Despite all you did to introduce a harsh and aggressive image of Islam to the world (creating and supporting Wahhabism, Talibanism and Algaedda terrorism in the name of true Islam) people of the world learn the truth more and more everyday. Your media campaigns like ’s TV channels and newspapers can no longer mislead nations to support you and people of the world have noticed that the real root of terrorism in the world is Zionism and Israel. You are the cause of events like 9/11 and are responsible for innocent lives lost in that event and similar events. People of the world have understood that expansionist Zionism and its command room Israel with nuclear weapons is the real threat to the world.


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