9/11 events on US dollars. Can all these be accidental?

9 and 11, the two symbolic numbers for Freemasons (group of anti-religions), create an expression familiar to many people in the world: 9/11, a day in which thousands of innocent people were killed in the US. Events of this day marked the beginning of invading two Muslim countries, Iraq and Afghanistan, this time resulting in hundreds of thousands more innocent lives to be lost. The questions remains: who is really behind all these events and massacres? American Dollars, bills full of Freemasons symbols indicate a bitter reality about anti-human thoughts of these people. Using origami, the technique of folding papers, you can see the following results:

1. Fold a $5 bill in half, so that you see the top half of the reverse side

2. Fold the left half away from you

3. Fold the right half so that the unscathed towers are revealed:

5 dollar bill

4. Do the same for a 10$ bill and you see the towers on fire and smoke on their top:

10 dollar bill

5. Repeat the same steps on a 20$ bill. Fire has got stronger and buildings are ready to collapse:

20 dollar bill

6. If you flip the 20$ and fold, you also see the Pentagon on fire:

20 dollar bill (2)

7. Repeat the same steps for 50$ bill, towers are collapsing:

50 dollar bill

8. Finally, repeat the same steps on a 100$ bill and you see the end of the scenario (only smoke left):

100 dollar bill

Can all these be accidental?…


Ahmadinejad Addresses UN General Assembly

holocaust and 9-11 skeptics


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